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27. juli 2016

Aisoy integration with TELLA

I'll have to share this one. Together with a team at UPV Alcoi we made Tella, a free app for learning small children basic mathematics (in Spanish, English and Norwegian). In Tella the children meet a small helper, a bird called Ella. Now the team in Alcoi have made a little twist, and we can have the Aisoy robot as a helper.

The robot is a bit restricted :) You should have in mind that this is just a test, of course with quite a few limitations. Among the things that should be developed is the scripted feedback and more complex interaction with the robot.

This have some substantial potential I think, which can be developed into learning resources that communicates with children with various learning needs in a much more mixed reality than what can be provided through the touchscreen on it own.

Speaking of... Read about Patrick Tresset, who has worked with robots for a decade, and ended up drawing quite beautiful portraits.

Another example, made by Linares & co, of interaction with the Aisoy robot through pretty advanced image recognition:

Aisoy is just one of many producers of social / educational robots. In Denmark, at Skolen på Nordens plads, they use a much more expensive robot in special education:

This partly seems as the same approach as The Norwegian company No Isolation has chosen for their robot AV1.

Danish TV has a quite extensive report from Skolen på Nordens plads. they have put quite a lot of thought into how the robot can be a catalyst in childrens' learning. It is by no means a replacement of the teacher:

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