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13. november 2014

Code in image - image in code

As Cypher explains in the first Matrix movie: "there's way too much information to decode the Matrix.".

The "Matrix code" of raining green characters and pictograms allows the Matrix program to be concisely represented and thus read more easily. Neo is the only character who can see the code of which avatars are composed while in the Matrix, and he is therefore able to see their "true" digital form.

I have always thought of this concept of reading textual code as a visual expression as extremely intriguing. From time to time I have happened to open an image in a text editor, and started to play with it. A number of years ago I experimented a little bit with textual degeneration of GIFs.

This time I have fooled around with a JPG:

Of course I am not able to decode anything out the image as text, but it is still intriguing to edit an image this way, "blindfolded" so to speak. By removing parts of the code the images degenerates.

2 kommentarer:

  1. I was not aware, but there is a name for this "Glitch art", defined as "the aestheticization of digital or analog errors" at Wikipedia, or data bending: "Databending (or data bending) is the process of manipulating information from within a media file of a certain format, using software designed to edit files of another format. Distortions in the medium typically occur as a result, and the process either falls under a broader category of, or is frequently employed in glitch art."

  2. Sjekk programvaren JPG-glitch. Den ser ut til å gjørenoe av det samme ved å manipulere ulike parametre


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